How I Got Signed By A Professional Basketball Team Overseas At 17 Without Agents, Connections Or Major Experience.

About Me

Ismar was a late bloomer, starting his basketball career at just 13 years old. Receiving offers from different NCAA schools Ismar did not go to a top level school, he did not have a well known agent or coach helping him, but Ismar still managed to sign his first pro contract overseas at the age of 17.

The percentage of athletes who make it to the professional level is less than 1% of 1%. In just 4 years he was able to develop his game to become one of the youngest Canadian basketball players to make it overseas without Agents, Coaches or major experience.

The PLA Program

There is so much misinformation out there these days, resulting in athletes and parents are being burned by various coaches, trainers, and agents on the regular.

It is a dog eat dog world out there and this is why Ismar decided to make a difference in the process. The Pro Level Accelerator (PLA) Program was created to help young players to increase their chance of success by revealing all of the secrets by going behind the scenes on how the actual basketball business works.

Having more than a decade of experience on the different levels through high school, AAU, college and the pros, he decided to create a PLA Program for young athletes who are 100% committed to achieving their dreams and goals. This program covers everything athletes must do in order make it to the professional level in a step by step format.